I work at London-based mobile agency Future Workshops as a user experience specialist. To copy Alan Cooper, I describe it as “designing things that don’t make people feel stupid”.

My motivation is to encourage clients like RBS, Credit Suisse, and The R&A to use empathy as a tool for building better apps and growing their business. Day-to-day, my work activities are roughly comprised of:

Learning things: understanding the business objectives, figuring out who the users are, learning more about them, and communicating to the team.

Visiting users on-site for research (I could not post photos with users for confidentiality reasons)

Organising things: putting what I’ve learned into talking points to get the project team to agree on a shared vision. This includes information hierarchies, flowcharts, and personas. This part feeds my post-it and whiteboard addictions and gets a good discussion going.


A section of a sitemap for a content management system

Making things: sketching, creating interactive prototypes, and wireframes that are useful for working with software developers and visual designers to shape the finished product.

Sketching an iteration of the interface

I’m also interested in conflict resolution and empathy within the project team. I spend a lot of time thinking about how to encourage different project members to work together better, and about breaking down communication barriers between areas of expertise.

If you want to learn more about user experience, have a look at an online collection of UX-related content I curate on