Side Projects

One of the issues I am most passionate about is sexual violence awareness and prevention. In the last five years, I’ve focused on learning more about the issue, and acting to inform others as well as support victim/survivors.

I have served on several related committees at Macalester College, MN, U.S.A. and researched volunteers at a rape crisis center. Most recently, I began developing an app idea for survivors of sexual violence.

Trigger Free App

Personal project, in progress

Screen Shot 2012-06-09 at 9.41.43 PM

Since many survivors of sexual violence suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), they are highly sensitive to triggers. Triggering content—such as scenes in a movie that portray sexual violence—can cause great emotional and physical distress, often impacting the victim beyond what is expected, and can cause debilitation and discomfort for days or weeks following the triggering experience.

This app will allow a survivor of sexual violence to identify popular media that can cause post-traumatic stress. The app will also allow survivors to add media to a database, rate them, and help other survivors enjoy trigger free leisure.

In fall 2011, my proposal for this app received top four honours at a global Nokia / Ideas Project competition. I am currently researching other avenues to develop the app. If you’d like to get involved or hear about progress, get in touch.

Update: We’ve made some progress on this during a recent hack day at Future Worskshops. Stay tuned.

The original proposal slideshow is below:

Trigger Free: An App for Survivors of Sexual Violence from Evgenia (Jenny) Grinblo