About Evgenia

I am a young lady with a passion for design, qualitative research, and all things people-related. I’m big on sociology babble, user-centered musings, and design talk over coffee.

When I’m not doing UX things at Future Workshops, I’m either walking around the streets of London (hiking in Wales) or collecting badly written error messages for Error Wall of Shame.

I speak three languages, read four alphabets, and take my coffee with half a cup of milk.

*My name is pronounced “Yev-geh-nee-yuh.” Most people call me Jenny.

Get in touch

My e-mail address is hello [at] grinblo [dot] com.

I’m easiest to reach via:
Twitter: @grinblo
LinkedIn: http://il.linkedin.com/in/grinblo

Need a copy-paste 3rd person bio? Here it is.

Evgenia “Jenny” Grinblo is a self-taught designer. She was born in Siberia, raised in Israel, and studied in Wales and the USA. A Kofi Annan scholar, she completed a B.A. in sociology and Global Citizenship at Macalester College, MN where she was trained in qualitative research.

Aside from studying people, her passions include an eight-year-long affair with visual design. She freelanced for non-profits, startups, and companies worldwide before relocating to London to work as User Experience Lead at mobile agency Future Workshops, where she works with brands and enterprises to build products that empower users and businesses. She loves to talk, in private and in public.

Jenny is a member of the Seeds of Peace organization, an aluma of the United World Colleges movement, and an activist for sexual violence awareness and prevention.