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I speak on a variety of topics related to User Experience. I’m especially interested in:

  • The importance of empathy when designing for users
  • Applying User Experience methods with little support, time, or budget

If you’d like me to speak at your event or teach a workshop, please get in touch via email at hello [at] grinblo.com.


None for now :)


(What I’ve Learned about) Designing for Resilience

TODO London 1.2,  London, UK
1 November, 2017

(What I’ve Learned about) Designing for Resilience

FW Lounge with Tech&Ladies BCN,  Barcelona, Spain
5 October, 2017

Clients Don’t Suck (Resolving Common Blockers that Stifle UX)

UX Cambridge,  Cambridge, UK
16 September, 2016

Clients Don’t Suck (Resolving Common Blockers that Stifle UX)

Cambridge Usability Group,  Cambridge, UK
9 June, 2016

Clients Don’t Suck (Resolving Common Blockers that Stifle UX)

NUX4,  Manchester, UK
23 October, 2015
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Sketchnotes by Chris Spalton Flickr

Workshop: DIY UX for Startups

The Happy Startup Summercamp,  Busses Farm, Sussex, UK
19 Sep, 2015

Panel: Shaping the Next Generation of UX Designers

UX for Good Meetup , London, UK
11 March, 2015

Things You Didn’t Know About Designing for Mobile

Design Night Marathon: Things You Didn’t Know About Design (by General Assembly) , London, UK
11 June, 2014

UX Café returns: How to create a Minimum Loveable Product

Panel Member, Shoreditch Works Village Hall, London, UK
5 March, 2014

Usability Testing How To’s for Small Teams (& Little Budgets)

Workshop by EventHandler, The HUB Westminster, London, UK
18 February 2014

Usability Testing How To’s for Small Teams (& Little Budgets)

Workshop by EventHandler, The HUB Westminster, London, UK
22 January 2014

Introduction to Usability Testing: The DIY Approach

Workshop at General Assembly,  9 Back Hill, London, UK
13 January 16 December 2013
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Usability Testing How To’s for Small Teams (& Little Budgets)

Workshop by EventHandler, The HUB Westminster, London, UK
24 October 2013
Featured Speaker

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My write-up of this workshop’s discussion points

Going to War Over UX

Reasons to Be Creative, The Brighton Dome, Brighton, UK
2 September 2013
Featured Speaker (Speaker profile)

What Craft and War Have in Common

Craft Beer & Tech, Underdog at BrewDog Shoreditch, London
3 June 2013
Featured Speaker

See sketchnotes by Makayla Lewis on Flickr

What Am I Doing Here? / Mind-Mapping User Tasks

UX Café, Google Campus, London, UK
30 May 2013
Featured Speaker

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The Practice of Empathy

Reasons to Be Creative, The Brighton Dome, Brighton, UK
4 September 2012
Featured Speaker (Speaker Profile)

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Detached Heads and The Practice of Empathy

Geeky, Forward Internet Group, London, UK
28 August 2012
Featured Speaker

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Mind The Gap

Ignite Shoreditch
27 June 2012
Featured Speaker
Location: The Shoreditch, London

Full talk (video) on YouTube

Tips for Great Interviewing

Emerge, Web Heroines Mini Conference
16-18 January 2012
Featured Speaker, live webinar (Speaker Profile)
Location: Online Podcasts & British Library, London, UK

Full talk (audio) on YouTube (The sound quality is a bit shady due to a faulty microphone)



I’d highly recommend taking the chance to watch one of Evgenia’s presentations if she’s speaking near you (this was the second time I’ve seen her). Her talks always focus on the importance of the human aspects of design and development. Too often people get carried away with the technology, and forget that it is humans who they’re designing for.
Barry Richards

When I signed up for the Usability testing workshop, I thought that the agenda was ambitious and that perhaps a bit over promising. I was surprised to find that my skepitcism was unfounded and that Jenny delivered brilliantly and confidently on what she set out to do. I left feeling like I did have the tools and resources to get started on usability testing pronto and so I did. I keep on going back to jenny’s materials at different stages of my usability research and find them useful and simple to follow. This was by far one of the best workshops I have ever attended and would seriously recommend it to anyone looking at getting started doing usability research in a no fuss way.
— Elvia Vasconcelos, www.smallworlders.com

Your point about listening was very important for me last year. Without boring you with the details, I got assigned to a large project where the organisation had decided what it needed without asking the users. So, I went and listened to the users, who it turned out needed something different. This revealed how unrealistic the original project timescale was and led to a completely different (and better) solution. Had I not listened to the users I’d have been developing a pig’s ear of a system for months.

Really loved @grinblo‘s talk at #r2bcreative. Full of lovely, heartfelt anecdotes and inspiration + knowledge to take away. — @jegtnes (Read Alex’s writeup on the conference here)

Don’t underestimate (or overlook) the importance of empathy in your UX process. Great talk from @grinblo at #r2bCreative — @MadeByPi

Really engaging speaker, I felt like she made User Experience very accessible to the audience, very human. Could have listened to her for longer.

Nice, simply stated but nonetheless effective argument for greater ‘empathy’ and ‘research’ in relation to UX by @Grinblo — @karlphillips63

..but I’d say the best talk tonight came from @Grinblo (apparently she’s the youngest person in the world w/ her surname) #igniteshoreditch — @akhilmorjaria

Great speaker, learned lots. UX is a tough area to get a grip on at the start and this helped a lot.

Another fantastic speaker whose passion for her subject shone through. Jam-packed with hints and tips, I left with lots of things to consider when dealing with a client.